Genesis Dental Prosthetics


Installation and Adjustments

We don’t just build them; we install, adjust and repair them! Drop by for fittings and adjustments or to have moulds of your remaining teeth made as the first step towards your new smile!


Replace your missing teeth with permanent, screwed down replacements!

Teeth whitening

As Sammy Davis Jr. once said:
“Smile, darn ya, smile!
And right away watch Lady Luck pay you a call!”
Upgrade your smile today!

Crowns and Bridges

We make every kind of crown and bridge to armour your damaged teeth or to bridge gaps in your bite.


We make a full range of appliances to protect and position your teeth: braces, night guards, anti-snoring inserts, mouth guards and more!


We handle both partial and full dentures.  Become reacquainted with crunchy foods today!

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